Zoya Salistra Blog

Hello, I’m Zoya!

Welcome to my blog!

This year, I’ve been diving into the wild waves of unemployment, which led me to create a little haven for my thoughts. They may be a bit scattered, mostly swirling around work, my kids, and leadership, but hey, this blog is my whimsical attempt to make sense of it all.

Let me give you a quick rundown: I landed in this country about 30 years ago, picked up the language and some nifty skills, and worked here most of my life, except for this extended break. I stepped into the manager role in 2011 and have been collecting a treasure trove of managerial and leadership skills ever since. I have two teenagers who keep me on my toes and teach me the fine art of patience daily. They’re super passionate about their sports, but this year we’ve been hit with some health challenges, which has definitely thrown a wrench in their plans.

In this blog, you’ll stumble upon tales about kids, swimming, fencing, leadership nuggets, our travel adventures complete with snapshots, and plenty of rants about life.

Thanks for reading, and it’s lovely to meet you!